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the lights…

I’m not quite sure what it is yet about the lights on the motorway that I find so compelling.  Maybe it’s their temporal nature, the fact that they only come out at night? Maybe it is because they are something that we all share when within this space? Maybe it is their purpose, which is to guide our journeys? Maybe it is how they weightlessly float past us when driving? Maybe it’s because they are like stars? Maybe it is because they are a rare find of beauty in a space so aesthetically grotesque? 


a world in flux….

I’ve been experimenting with footage trying to achieve a visual interpretation of constant flux.  This relates to how we experience the non-space at speed, as a constant blur where narratives break down and our senses fragmented.  

This idea for footage would become the imagery that plays when there is no presence within the installation, when an individual is not present to affect the work.  For this I have been experimenting with different composite modes.  

I found this process to be quite involving and evolving!  The different combinations of composite modes produce very different results.  Below are a selection of short videos that demonstrate my process.





Test Site: Identity Exhibition….

‘Even within the most anonymous of zones, signals of identity litter the landscape, embodying the space with a certain identity.’