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Plinth emails + plinth build etc…

We finally got all the materials delivered on Tuesday (17th June) to build the Plinths for the final show.  We managed to get it all a little cheaper (£16 as opposed to £22)  and the excess money was used for each individuals (who purchased a plinth) contribution to the final show brochure.  

As it turned out we couldn’t build some of the plinths for the students showing in the I.T room as we were unable to remove the large table as it was firmly fixed to the wall, but the materials were offset as some of the students requirements (measurements and quantity etc) changed as the show build continued.  So after a lot of discussion and five days of building plinths it all turned out ok! even though during this time I felt like I was working more towards a qualification in carpentry as opposed to digital arts!

I kept a record of the emails I sent whilst organising this element of the show.  



DVD menu graphics…

My role as part of the DVD team was to create and implement the the motion graphics that will be used for the DVD menus.  All of the graphics were created using Apples ‘Motion’, and assembled together within ‘DVD Studio Pro’.

1) Opening Graphics:  First Play of DVD


2) Transition Graphics:  Main Menu to Courses


3) Transition Graphics: Courses to Main Menu


4) Transition Graphics: Main Menu to Interviews


5) Transition Graphics: Interviews to Main Menu


6) Transition Graphics: Main menu to Events + Tours


DVD menu time…

I sat down with Moshe the other day and began work on the motion graphics for the DVD.  This will be the visuals that will play on the first play of the DVD.

Moshe is working on the slideshows to showcase the students works.  Katrin is working on filming and editing the interviews.  I will be liaising with Marianne who is also shooting some of the interviews and editing her contribution to the DVD.

The plan now is to meet Monday, correlate all the material we have and build it within DVD studio pro with all the fancy trimmings for the final pressing.  Should be fun 🙂 !!


Plinths for Final show…

As well as being a part of the DVD team, it has also been my responsibility to coordinate the plinths for the final show.  We have discussed and agreed upon a standard size for the plinths.  See image below: 

The Plinths will have an open back for sufficient ventilation of the computer/projector that they intend to house.  I have been communicating with both the face to face and online students discussing their needs, and with a few exceptions (i.e. slight modifications of the standard plinth size) a completed list of all students requirements for the final show has been agreed upon.  

Click Here for PDF of Student Requirements 

Finally, I need to obtain payment from all students (the easiest way to do this will be through Paypal) buy the materials and build the damn things! (hopefully with a little help from my friends!!)


DVD Team Update…

We have just received the go ahead on the final design and colour specifications for the DVD.  They are as follows:


Red – 226 1 39

Blue 12 103 178


Blue 91 61 0 0

Red 0 99 89 0

The DVD will now be distributed at the time of show, and not post show as previously discussed.  This obviously gives us less time but now we have the images we can start to put together a visual structure.  

The DVD will contain MA course information, each of which will showcase individual students work compiled in a showreel type format.

It will also contain interviews with invited artists (whoever publicity manage to acquire?) and an information regarding on the history of Camberwell.  I think we have access to a Canon Z1 in which to film the interviews.  We also have a new member in Marianne Owji has volunteered to be a part of the DVD group, and she’ll be handling this history of Camberwell and helping with interviews as well.

Now we have this platform I think its important we meet this week and get this properly going.  Time has a tendency to disappear very quickly around here…… 



First DVD designs….

Using the images that were e-mailed to me by Katrin, I started to put together a clean and simple design for the introduction for the DVD.

This is only a test run, a preliminary experiment if you will (it also afforded me the opportunity to have a play around with ‘Motion’!)  I played around with using different camera effects such as dolly moves and erratic zooms but in the end (as usually is the case!) the simplest ideas worked best. Maybe these motion ideas could be used as transitions between the menus? A nice sweep from one page to the next or a zoom through 3D space…. Hmmm..   

The font that displays the courses is pretty irrelevant (I think this needs to be decided by all of us) its more about how the menu moves and does it flow nicely?  I also think it could benefit from having some audio.

I am a little worried that this design comes across as a bit childish,  so I’ll wait and see what the other guys think…

Shortly after completing this experiment I received an e-mail from Katrin saying to hold back on the designs for now as the images still need to be approved by Alain!  so it is all up for change, but I thought I’d blog it anyway, just as a starting point if nothing else. 


The DVD Team…

Part of the assessment evidence for this final unit is to be involved with the coordination of the final show in July.  Just for the blog my role is to act as part of a team (Moshe, Katrin, Sharon, Sean and myself) in the design and application of the DVD for the final show.  This DVD will be distributed alongside other publications that will be used to promote the show.

The DVD will showcase the work of all MA’s graduating in 2008.  Katrin has already e-mailed me some images that might be used and I think that the idea is to keep it clean, simple and professional.  To be honest… I’m quite looking forward to getting my teeth into this one!

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