Flight patterns by Aaron koblin…

Aaron Koblin is a digital artist based in San Francisco.  He creates software and architectures to transform social and infrastructural data into artwork using processing, an open source programming language and environment capable of programming images, animations and interactions.

This work ‘Flight Patterns’ uses data from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to create animations that show the flight patterns of planes over the U.S over a 24 hour period.  The flight paths have then been plotted to show the flight patterns and traffic density.  Please see this site for more information.  

Although this piece is not related to my specific line of enquiry, which is the non-space that is our roads and motorways, it is still an investigation into another example of non-space, and although the results are beautiful, fluid patterns, they also act a poignant reminder of our permanent presence and continuous activity within this non-space.

My reasoning for bringing this work to attention is for the purpose of my future development.  I intend to continue to investigate and question the non-spaces of our modern society and to observe new ways of identifying with these spaces.  The air space is probably the most challenging of all.  It throws up new ways of perceiving time, as we travel across time zones into the future and also the past. It does not possess as much of a physical quality as its terra firma counterparts, and this consequently throws up new challenges as to how we affect it.  It is also probably the greatest example of our modern, accelerated world, as our bodies alter to cope with the pressurised cabins and then readjust themselves as a result of literally traveling forward/backwards through time.  

I look forward to researching this space further in the future, there is a lot of scope for investigation into this space and I feel it could lead onto some quite interesting work.  


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