Final show space…

For the MA final show I am located in the corridor in the basement.  This space suits my work aesthetically and conceptually (thanks to Adriano for curating the show and giving me such a great space!) 

Conceptually, the corridor is a transitory space, it is the space in which all visitors to the show will have to pass through in order to see the other work located in the other 3 rooms in the basement (which by the way is looking great!)

As my work focuses on transitory spaces this space lends itself perfectly to my installation as visitors will inevitably have to pass through this space, the sensor will continually be triggered and therefore the work will be allowed to fulfill its intentions.

Aesthetically, I first intended to use a projector, my reasoning for this was that the space is quite large and I am the only one showing there.  Although I like the idea of my work having to be found rather than seen, Adriano, as well as other students felt that by displaying something very small within this space would be unsuccessful.  So I needed to scale it up and take full advantage of the space.  

Even though we decided that the visual imagery would need to be large, I felt that I could still maintain the subtlety that my work intends to have by only using one sensor.  By using one sensor there would be a relatively small, narrow area in which the work could be triggered, this will hopefully maintain an element of investigation for the viewer yet also the work (methodology wise) could still become lost.

The problem then arose that because the the corridor is quite narrow, I couldn’t get the distance a needed to make the projection large enough by using the parallel wall.  This meant that I would have needed to project at an angle, and consequently the visuals would not have maintained their correct aspect ratio (it would have been a sort of sideways triangle as opposed to a rectangle)

To add to this I then found out that I couldn’t get a projector from the central loan store at Camberwell until the 23rd of June because they were all out on loan for the B.A. shows, and the 23rd of June was also assessment day! meaning that I couldn’t build my piece within the allocated show build time (16th to the 20th June) and as this space needed a lot of configuring I decided that it was not going to be possible to use a projector like I originally intended.

Moshe and Katrin were hiring plasma screens for their piece so I decided to jump on board and hire a 43″ screen for myself (thanks to Katrin for sourcing and organsing this 🙂 )  and as it turned out, this was a great decision.

Below is a diagram showing how I intend to install the work within the space.

The computer will be stored and powered within the storage cupboard located at the end of the corridor. The wires for the visuals and audio will be laid and taped along the skirting boards, over the door frame and underneath the door to the computer, this will keep all wires off the floor therefore they cannot be tripped over.  The screen will be powered from the socket that is located opposite the cupboard door.  

As it turns out, using a Plasma screen solves a lot of problems.  It solved the aspect ratio problem as the video could now be displayed as it was originally intended.  It solved the scale of the work issues as it was large enough to cater for the size of the space.  It also solved my audio issues as before when I intended to use a projector, I would have needed to mount some small speakers somewhere above within the corridor, this would have equalled to more wires, more clutter and more conversations (if you can call them that!) with the building facilities management to pass all health and safety requirements.  This decision cleaned up my whole vision, and as a result I have ended up with a final piece that I am much more happy to stand by.    


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