Widetime/Trails vs Frame blending…

I’ve been experimenting with a couple of different ways to display the footage that will play when the sensor is triggered.  Below is an example of footage that uses two filters to effect the footage.  These filters are “Widetime” and “Trails”.  I have composited the two layers on top of one another, each using the same footage and with each using one the effects respectively. The result is a more abstract look when the lights of the cars pass in front and behind the flowers.



The second example just uses frame blending (both videos are slowed down to 8%) This results in the colours of cars lights being more vivid, and less abstracted.   


Both results I like for different reasons:  I like the first video for the fact that the flowers are less obstructed by the cars lights passing, and as this is the focus for the piece, it is important that this element of the work remains visible.  Yet I like the second video for the vivid colours of the lights, it, to me, makes for a more striking piece of visual imagery.  I have tried to mimic the colours in video two using the effects in video one but to no avail, the effects when applied just don’t seem to adapt well to this more vivid colour scheme, and as I have been forcing the colours using more filters the results have ended up looking overtly processed.  So it has come down to this, to Widetime/Trail or not to Widetime/Trail…. that is the question.    


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