Audio for Final show piece…

I have been experimenting with audio in preparation for my final piece.  The audio is important because it contributes largely to the overall tone of the piece, and in turn this will affect how it is received.  It is also another sensory tool that digital artists have the benefit of utilising.  

The first example is the audio that will play when the sensor is in its idle position, i.e. when no presence is affecting it.  The visuals will be presented in acceleration, personifying how we conventionally experience the motorway, and also our modern world.  I want for it to sound repetitive, ominous and uninviting.  I want it to represent the overwhelming scale of this space.  I experimented and manipulated audio I had captured when filming from the top of relatively desolate bypasses, capturing the sounds of the sporadic cars accelerating between horizons.     

The second example is what will play when the sensor is triggered, and the visuals change to something more identifiable.  I wanted for this audio to scale down the piece and for it to incite a more reflective state.  This audio was originally sounds I had captured when filming a traffic jam at a busy intersection.  The manipulated sound is the noise of the cars horns slowed down and effected by a delay filter.  There is a loop to it that in some ways is quite child like, and for this it incites a familiar feeling, one of time and memory.  I hope for this audio (together with the video) to affect the viewer in this way, not to provoke any kind a reminiscence but more to create a feeling that subconsciously we can relate too. 



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