refined final show piece = refined pure data patch…

With the revision of my final show piece I have also revised my Pure Data patch.  

This Patch controls two videos and two audio samples, one pair play when there is no presence in the space and the other pair play when the sensor is triggered.  The key difference with this patch is that it only uses one sensor.

Now, I know I said that I wanted to use two sensors in order to widen the sense of field and to be able to control two video/audio(s) independently, but with my refined setup this is just overkill, and I kind of like that you have to find, or stumble across this ‘sweet spot’ in which to trigger the change in video/audio, I feel it may give the work a new dimension, where the experience may differ from viewer to viewer.

Heres the refined patch below.  I’ve used an abstraction under ‘sensor-patch’ to hide a lot of the technical side of the sensors programming.  These are the objects that just need to be in place, and in the right order to get it working, once they are in place no more adjustments to this part of the patch need to be made…. (fingers crossed!)

In a way I’ve gone full circle with the Pure Data side of this project, returning to a patch that is a lot simpler, yet also a more stable.  I have learnt this program (with a little help from my friends!) and built this patch from scratch taking it far beyond what is now necessary.  But this process has been quite important because now I have a very solid understanding of how this patch functions, and that can only bode me well when it comes to setting up this piece, and problem solving any gremlins that may rear their ugly heads!


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