reassessment of final show piece…

This is a reflection on the progress of my final show piece.  I was driving down the road attempting to film truckers stopped in lay-bys for the night as footage for my final work and I have to say it was entirely unsuccessful. 

But as I was driving searching (for what Chris Petit would call) the perfect shot, it did allow me the time to think about all the other footage that I am hoping to capture for this piece, and as I reeled off in my head all the ideas I have I began to think ‘this is too much for the viewer to comprehend’. 

To recap my idea was to capture a menagerie of footage that encapsulated the identity that this non-space embodies, but to present all my research from the last year as one piece, and expect the viewer who is seeing it for the first time to understand it is a big ask. 

I feel that if I do continue with my original line of enquiry the piece will fail, as the viewer will be engulfed by a plethora of information that could hinder their comprehension of the work.  This would contradict the very essence of the piece. 

By bombarding the viewer in this way I would be personifying the very entity I set out to challenge, I would be encapsulating why we fail to identify with this space, which is because of our accelerated movement and a barrage of visual stimuli, and this would be futile.

Then the wise words of Andy came into my head, ‘keep it simple, the simplest ideas work best’… and with that I started to reassess my approach.

I have made a decision to concentrate on just one example of identity within the motorway.  I still intend to use ultrasonic sensors to trigger the change in video; just with this approach the altered video will display one example as opposed to many examples. 

The example of identity that I want to focus on is the flowers that sit on our central reservations, symbolising that a event happened, and now is embedded within a this particular space.  I think this is the most poignant and understandable example demonstrating the methodology that supports this work, and as I have been involved in a serious car accident myself it is also personal to me.

I still intend to capture all the footage that I was going to use, but now I will use this footage for my website, and this will act as a supplement to my final show piece.

By concentrating on just one aspect and keeping it simple I feel that the viewer will be able to relate to the work, and therefore this approach has the most potential for the piece to be successful.


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