Mircia Cantor ‘Shortcuts’…

Mircia Cantor’s photographic series ‘Shortcuts’ (2004) shows the formation of beaten paths left in the ground where pedestrians have cut a corner. These new walkways create alternatives to the “official” pavement plan, forming new lines of flight.

These photograghs  join documentation to indeterminacy: while the photographs appear neutral and objective, embodying a form of straight documentary representation, their meaning couldn’t be less secure as you may ponder the motivation behind these alterations in space and discourse,

Cantor’s photographs reveal intervention but explain nothing, as if to avoid the authoritarian associations of directing subject matter, producing clear messages, or controlling interpretation. 

For me this series shows how we, over time, can shape a spaces identity.  Like the Colorado River that has carved the Grand Canyon over millions of years thus authorising its’ identity, the same principles can be applied here.  Individuals over time have shaped these discourses until they have become valid routes for transit, a pertinent example of how we affect space.


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