It all about events…

My work has become more and more interested in how time embeds itself within an object or a space.  This idea has led me to search for new examples of identity within the motorway. 

Every event that shapes the motorways identity originates from an individuals act of journey through it.  It is the accumulation of these events that continually change the surface of this urban landscape.  

As I have previously observed these events are more often than not subtle interventions that have a temporary status, so I stepped back from my work before looking at it again (action reflection in……. action……!) I wanted to see if I could locate a more permanent scar of identity (if you will) To see if I could find a more pertinent example of time manifesting itself within this space.

In a tutorial with Andy he introduced me to a new way of observing this space.  Andy pointed out that the motorway (in this example, yet it can also be applied to any urban space) can be segregated into zones.

At either side you have the embankments that are intersected by hard shoulders and parking areas, Then moving inwards you have the road with its rush of activity yet there is a space that exists in-between these lanes, where the lines are painted, a kind of ‘no-zone’ for vehicles traveling in parallel.  Moving inward further we encounter the central reservation, another ‘no-zone’ where litter, dust and debris accumulates, adding to the spaces identity.   Then we have the mirror image of this as we move away from the central reservation.  

With this I started to look at the white lines that segregate the motorway lanes and found them to be rich in marks. cracks and stains, each representing a moment in time and an event that shaped it.  A skid mark that may have led to a accident, the sloppy reapplication of a line by some worker who didn’t care about his job, the cracks from years of cars switching lanes.  Everyone of them different.



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