Gabriel Orozco…

An artist whos work shows the evidence of time within objects is the Mexican Gabriel Orozco.  His work makes use of salvaged everyday objects, but for Orozco the significance lies not in the objects themselves but in his encouter with them and their subsequent transformation.  In Black Kites, a human skull is graphedd out with a chessboard grid turning it into a densely allusive entity that contrtasts the ideas of interlect, modernist history and Mexican symbolism with death.  He says ‘Its about the body pressing against the material, it’s the form determined by the mould of my fingers’

This statement runs true in a wider sense of his conceptual, sculptural and photograpgic practice as a whole which constantly returns to the material collision of culture and nature, man and his environment.  He articulates this in the most intimate of terms in fragile improvisational objects chracterised by an ephemeral, modest beauty.  Such as ‘Lintals’ which is a collection of flimsly lint mats saved from  laundromat tumble dryers after a years worth of clothes washing.  This work shows in a poignant manner the passing of time and the interwining of a body and its surroundings.


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