First DVD designs….

Using the images that were e-mailed to me by Katrin, I started to put together a clean and simple design for the introduction for the DVD.

This is only a test run, a preliminary experiment if you will (it also afforded me the opportunity to have a play around with ‘Motion’!)  I played around with using different camera effects such as dolly moves and erratic zooms but in the end (as usually is the case!) the simplest ideas worked best. Maybe these motion ideas could be used as transitions between the menus? A nice sweep from one page to the next or a zoom through 3D space…. Hmmm..   

The font that displays the courses is pretty irrelevant (I think this needs to be decided by all of us) its more about how the menu moves and does it flow nicely?  I also think it could benefit from having some audio.

I am a little worried that this design comes across as a bit childish,  so I’ll wait and see what the other guys think…

Shortly after completing this experiment I received an e-mail from Katrin saying to hold back on the designs for now as the images still need to be approved by Alain!  so it is all up for change, but I thought I’d blog it anyway, just as a starting point if nothing else. 


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