MADA 2: Prototype….


Above is a video of the prototype for my installation.  I’ve split the footage into two scenes that run simultaneously in real time.

On the left is my position in relation to the ultrasonic sensors, and on the right are the changes in video based upon my positioning.

When there is no presence within the installation (or more to the point, in front of the sensors) the imagery stays in flux.  When an individual is sensed the imagery changes into something more identifiable. 

Based upon the positioning of the individual the videos will either simultaneously play and be able to be stopped and played independently.  This is demonstrated here by me approaching and retreating from the sensors.

By individuals either purposefully or inadvertently starting or stopping the footage, the composite of the video will change.  By the end of the show the overall video will have been shaped by the people whose presence affected it.  It will have shaped a new identity based upon these events.

I may record the show in real time from Pure Data, this may have to be done in pieces or by just exporting the start and the end results?

Although it would be interesting to have a record of how the work changes, there is also a part of me that feels that the changes should just be temporary, and not recorded, so that they are eventually lost, much like dropping litter on a motorway…

The technology is a little sketchy here and the footage is still experimental, and I would like to incorporate sound as well, but it works for the purpose of a prototype. In a way I kind of like its erraticness, its like it doesn’t want to be controlled and this can produce some interesting imagery.

In the final installation I intend for the sensors to be placed on the opposite wall to the screen so that the individuals walk away from the sensors, not towards as demonstrated here (but it just a case of reversing the values in Pure Data) This is a piece of work that needs to be specifically honed to a space. 


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