website: the works virtual identity….

The timetable that I set myself for this project wanted to have the technical elements in place and understood by the start of March, this would then allow me 3 months (March, April, May) for filming leaving me one month (June) for selection, composition (Along with the organisation of the show and technical fine tuning of a space etc) 

I am glad to say that I am on time with this project and have been filming for the past couple of weeks.  Even in this short space of time I have accumulated quite a substantial amount of footage and if this rate of capture continues by June I will have a much greater volume of footage than that I will be able to use for my final piece. (This is due to the fact that Pure Data processes video in real time, the amount of video you can render simultaneously is determined by the amount of RAM the computer possesses.  I need to test the computers at Camberwell to see how much footage they will happily run, but I know that it is going to be less that the amount of footage I will capture!) 

Still, this is ok because it allows me to carefully select what footage I will use and experiment with different types of imagery to find a combination that most successfully communicates my projects intentions.

The potential downside to this is that I will be left with a rather large amount of footage that could never be used therefore not seen.  Foreseeing this happening I have chosen to build a website that will act as the works virtual identity and host the footage that would have otherwise been lost.  I want the site to be investigative, and not necessarily explanatory.  I have designed a homepage that resembles a helix of DNA, the building blocks of identity.


Through clicking on the dots you will be able to access video, audio or still images.  It is my intention to continue to add to the site as my project progresses so that its identity evolves along with my work.        

I feel that the footage I do not use for practical reasons may still capture elements of identity that would otherwise have been lost.  The website would aim to ensure that an infinitesimal amount of identity that a space possessed at a specific point in time does not vanish along with everything else.  I think as a sentiment, everyone can associate with something lost.    



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  1. November 12, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    congratulations this is a wonderful piece of work, having done a MA in printmaking im now currently studying for an MFA at Cambridge school of art and i thoughtyou might flike to have a message from me as it was my father who discovered ‘messenger RNA the protein that carries or takes the message of identity to the cells- anyway back to art – im also really interested in nonspace or the space of the impossible particularly when this is tied to memory and loss. and how this affects language – hence Paul Virilo My name is Belinda Brenner and my email is bmjwbc@yahoo.co.uk

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