keep it simple……

I had a tutorial with Andy last week in which we spoke for part of it about the relationship between the technology behind the work and the work itself.  

Andy’s opinion was that the work (visually) should always come first. He felt that the technology shouldn’t be at the forefront of the audiences gaze, it should not be the first thing they notice, quite the contrary, they should not notice it at all, it should blend into the background and become a part of the experience, and not be all of the experience.

He then he said those wise old words of ‘keep it simple, the simplest ideas are always the best’.

After this discussion, and looking back at my blog at some of the preliminary ideas I have come up with to date, they now look quite cumbersome and ugly.  They place the technology at the forefront of the audiences gaze and I couldn’t agree more that the work itself could become lost within these (physically structural) ideas.

So with all that in mind, here is a new idea that is clean and simple.  My project focuses on the non-place, and how our movement within this space shapes and defines it, our presence is its identity.  It seems obvious that movement has to be an important variable in the final installation, and in a way shape how it is experienced.


Andy and I spoke about how it would be interesting to have an installation that reacted and transformed itself only when there was a presence in the room.  When there is no movement it remains an un-definable entity, but when it senses a presence, your movement through this space it will begin to reveal its true identity to you.

With this diagram the sensor is placed so that it bounces back an ultrasonic echo the distance between it and the entrance to the installation.  If you are walking past or standing outside the room the visuals would remain unidentifiable (either they would be completely static or maybe even moving at great speed so they could not be recognised) If you choose to enter the space the ultrasonic sensor would pick up your presence and change the visuals and become something that you can begin to understand.

We also spoke about how sound could be used, maybe having no visuals and only abstracted sound, and when you enter the space the visuals start up and complete the puzzle?  But this is all for a later date, for now I need to concentrate on getting a prototype up and running with an ultrasonic sensor, then I can settle down to the nitty gritty of developing the visuals. 

Its back to Pure Data…….. (deep breath)


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