Installation idea number 3…….

This is the same as installation idea number 2, yet instead of using an ultrasonic sensor, it uses pressure pads instead to ‘feel’ the presence of the viewer an slow down or speed up the video accordingly.     pressure3.jpg   

I’ve had a look at FXscript in Final Cut Pro but it seems that this application is best suited to creating new filters and transitions and not manipulating video (well, not in the way that I intend to anyway) I’m getting dragged down and down into a coding nightmare!!

Every program I have looked at thus far is just not suitable for this project. I know I have very little knowledge of this but I can get an idea of whether a program is going to be able to do what I need to do pretty quickly (by looking at the manuals, playing around with a few functions and seeing how other people have used the application with example on the net and so forth) 

With that all in mind (and my mind becoming quite disheartened with this whole affair) I am going to tackle the beast that is Pure Data.  I know this application can do what I need it to do and people tell me that when you get into it is not all that scary.  

So, here we go……..  



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