installation idea number 2…….

This idea revolves around using an ultrasonic sensor to judge the position of viewer in relation to the projection, and depending on this distance, either slow down or speed up the projection accordingly.

From what I understand an ultrasonic sensor works by transmitting a short burst of ultrasonic sound towards a target which then reflects the sound back to the sensor, it measures the time it takes for the echo to return to the sensor and computes the distance between it and the target.

I would intend to build a frame to house the sensor and a v-shaped construction that complemented the sensors field of vision.  This way the viewer, when within the installation would not be able to stand outside the sensors field of vision therefore always affecting the visuals.  

The housing for the sensor would act as a barrier between the viewer and the projection ensuring that the closest point the viewer could reach would still be an acceptable distance from which to view the work.


The image below is a birds-eye view of the installation.  It aims to give a rough idea what speed the projection would play back at when the viewer is standing in one the four zones.


 To use the ultrasonic sensor I would have to use an Arduino running alongside another application that I have yet to decide upon.  Tim suggested checking out FXscript in Final Cut Pro and there is obviously the program Pure Data.

 This is all so rough at the moment, and also very confusing for me as I have never taken on anything quite like this before, but I hope as my knowledge grows, and I work out exactly how to achieve this I will be able to write more fluently in my blog about what it is exactly that I am doing.  As it stands I feel like I’m just waving my hands around in the dark hoping to bash into something that I can get my little brain around and use successfully.  Its getting tough now……… and time is of the essence. 



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