to flash or not to flash(!)

I’ve been doing a few experiments with flash and real time video.  I have been following tutorials on the net and copying and pasting the code to get results.  So far I have managed to import video and use my webcam on my laptop to act as a motion sensor.  

The experiment I ran was to see if I could add an effect (in this case adding a negative effect to the video) and see if I could trigger this effect using my webcam as a motion sensor.  

The way this worked was by the webcam looking for differentiations in colour, when the colour dropped below a specific ratio the effect was applied.  As I said the code was bastardised from a number of websites (as I have no knowledge of coding…….yet!) so the technicalities of this process are a little beyond my understanding, all I know is that it worked……..kind of….

I found the motion sensor to respond quite slowly to my actions (over a second or so) and the program seemed to have more trouble as the video looped multiple times, until it crashed…..not very promising.

Although this was only a rough test and it could be rectified by refining the coding it has made me think that in the short space of time I have to pull this off, and before I spend a great deal of time trying to understand and fix a problem that may not be able to be satisfactorily fixed, it may be beneficial for me to investigate alternative methods of displaying and also programming my project before I get in to deep with this approach… 


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