“protude flow” – sachiko kodama + minako takeno

“Protrude, Flow” creates an illusion of sharply tapering mountain peaks; bizarre forms and flowing particle streams give rise to the impression that these shapes were no longer subject to gravity. 

At the basis of this illusion are magnetofluids and sound and image sequences. The black-looking liquid of the magnetofluid changes its form when it interacts with the sounds produced by visitors to the exhibit. A ceiling-mounted microphone records these sounds and a computer transforms them into electromagnetic tension, which regulates the strength of the installation’s magnetic field.

Every change in the magnetofluid is manifested synchronously with variations in the ambient soundscape, and is recorded by a digital video camera that projects the images onto a screen. 

The magnetofluid consists of fine ferromagnetic particles suspended in a liquid such as water or oil; it retains its powerful magnetism even in a fluid state. Three-dimensional organic patterns of great complexity can be produced with this substance.

There is something about Asian art that always seems to have a finesse and beauty that mose Western artists have trouble in achieving.  An innovative installation that although not specifically relevant to my own project, it does give an idea of the different ways in which new technology and the fundamentals of physical science can be combined and displayed to make something new, fresh and interesting. 





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