installation idea number 1……..

I’ve been thinking about the technicalities of how I propose to show my work at the end of year exhibition.  With this post I don’t want to write about what the actual visuals will be, I just want to focus on how it may be shown and the problems I may encounter with this setup.

As movement is a prominent factor with the theoretical side of my project, I want my final piece to utilise movement, more specifically the movement of the audience, as a central point for this projects intentions.  To utilise this I need to employ some kind of motion sensor technology so that the audience can interact with the video. 

I want to offer the audience an opportunity to use their presence to alter the speed of the video footage, to slow it down so to speak so they can then inspect the footage more closely (as I said I’m not going to go into theoretically ‘why’ I want to achieve this, I’ll save that for another post!) 

Tim suggested to me that the program Flash has the capability to use a webcam as a motion sensor, so with that in mind I have created this blueprint.


The footage would be 3 films shown simultaneously (using one projector, the films would be separated in the editing process and shown as one video stream) 

I would then need to separate the webcams field of vision into 3 separate parts so that the films could be interacted with individually (I could use one projector for each film and have a separate sensor for each part, but to me the ergonomics of this seem a little impractical, I’d rather try and keep the amount of equipment I need to a minimum) 

Outside the webcams field of vision the films would all play at 2000% When there is movement detected in any of the three zones the video would slow down to 10%, either in zone 1 for video 1, and the same for videos 2 and 3 respectively.  This would allow the viewer to interact with the 3 videos individually.

I have obtained a copy of Flash and am in the process of running a few experiments, I really want to see whether the program can handle the amount of data I intend to pass through it in real time, I need this to be as solid as possible as the last thing I want is for the program to constantly crash and need to be reset during the actual show.

With no knowledge of coding or motion sensors etc this seems like a daunting task, I hope to employ the expertise of Tim and Leon to try and learn as much as I need to know because I have a very short space of time in which to learn and create this.  But hey! Always up for a challenge…   


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