Assessment evidence…..

Below is where to the find blog entries that relate succinctly to the experiments I have chosen to submit as my sample of work for assessment. 

It must be noted that there are also other blog entries that have shaped how these experiments I have come to be.  I have listed these under ‘other blogs of interest’

Also my research is always progressing as I continue to try and narrow down my subject matter.  So please see any more recent blog posts to further evaluate the position of my research at this point in time.


Experiments 1 + 2

November 21st: Movement is an ironic word when it’s just written down


Experiment 3

November 1st: Identtiy idnetity identity

November 24th: Place of accident


Experiment 4

November 25th: Shopping baskets and trollies


Other blogs of interest

October 25th: Driving dreams and the non-place

October 27th: Researching artists and the non-place

November 13th: A pure non-place

November 13th: Circle line to infinity

November 13th: Ghost stations

November 1st : A brief summary of the last 748802 minutes


The start of my research into non-places

Blogs from 25th October to present


Research that led towards focusing on the non-place.

13th September to 24th October 



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