movement is an ironic word when its just written down…

I have become increasingly interested in how movement affects the non-place and how largely does this contribute to what we perceive the non-place to be? 

When we are within a non-place we create our own movement as we pass through it, yet we are also exposed to other forms of movement, be it the movement of other humans (this is most experienced when using public transport) to the movement of less organic objects such as trains, planes, cars(that are all a non-place within themselves) cctv cameras, escalators, automatic doors, barriers, luggage carousels, digital timetables, television monitors etc.   

This observation opens up a plethora of material for me research, film, document and reflect upon.I want to experiment with different ways in which to visually display the material.  I am interested in trying to just show the movement, to reduce all moving objects to a state where they are undefinable, and all that is left is the movement they create.  

I have made 2 experiments to test out this premise.The first film was originally some shoddy footage shot of my journey back home one night down the A13.  The camera was just resting on the dashboard and I shot it deliberately out of focus and blurred further during editing.  Both films are composites of two different times of the journey, the left is the movement on the side of the road I am traveling down and the right is the movement of the traffic flowing in the opposite direction.   

I wanted to show two different types of movement, one being my own transit through the space as inanimate objects such as street lamps and barriers appear to come to life and rush past you, and secondly more prominently the movement other people through the space, when the only thing that we have to identify these humans with is a glimpse of two headlights speeding in another direction.

 The second experiment is a similar idea to the first, this time shot whilst traveling on a train on the underground.  The two films show the same journey in opposite directions.


I want to experiment more with this idea of just portraying the different types of movement within the non-place.  I found this process to be quite prosperous in a way.  I now need to think more carefully how to capture this imagery.   


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