Motion tracking experiment…..

I have started to experiment with using motion tracking.  For this process I am using a combination of Final Cut Pro, Motion and Color.  I filmed the Essex Records office. This place is defined by its content.  People use the contents of this building to attempt to complete their observations and memories of a place.  But saying that, with this piece I am not so much interested in how successful it is theoretically, I’m more interested in getting to grips with how to motion tracking works, what problems I need to overcome and how I can push this technique within my work, the theory will come later (I feel I have a good understanding of Auges theory now, it goes a lot deeper than a place being defined as ‘historical’ and ‘relational’ etc, I will blog this soon to record my progress) but for now lets focus on the process.  My intention is to replace the background and leave just the cars in the car park.  Heres a still from the original shot.


 I took this shot from Final Cut into motion and created a matte around the cars.  Then I applied a shape behavior called ‘Track Points’.  This behavior tracks all the points of the matte and follows how they move throughout the shot.  Heres a still of the work in progress.


 I had a few problems with this.  To begin with I wanted to just remove the building to leave a black space.  The problem was that as the camera moved, new points that I had not marked (due to them being out of shot) came into view, this confused the track points process and I was left shape that did not resemble the original building.  I know there will be a way to get around this problem but for now I just wanted to keep it simple, and get a result.  


 This is the first time I have used Motion for a particular process.  It is a very powerful program which can offer the user all sorts of tools for video manipulation.  This piece is successful to the extent that I managed to motion track a very simple shape, now it’s a case of taking it further. 


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