A brief summary of the last 748802 minutes….

I just want to document a very brief summary of the process my theoretical research has gone through since beginning this course.  This is a VERY brief overview! kind of if I had to state my progress in one minute….   I started by re-evaluating my definition of reality, and began to look very broadly at how society can affect our perception of reality.  This lead me to look at “artificial constructs” implemented within society and how they can affect our perception.   I started to look at the mass media, a huge subject, so to focus this I looked at a particular aspect (or byproduct) of the mass media, the concept of “fame”, and how this affects our perception of ourselves. This lead me to look at how our perception is formulated and what do we reference it against?  I began to look at its’ antithesis, the concept of anonymity, and how does fame affect our perception of this. My research then became more focused on the concept of anonymity and whether modern society subtly perpetuates this premise through mediated experiences’   This was still too broad so after talks with everyone I began to look for an aspect of society that potentially personifies an anonymity.  This lead me to the ‘non-place’. I questioned how the non-place affects our perception of ourselves and others’, how we experience the space, how it affects our perception of anonymity and to what extent does our visual perception define the non-place. My research has consistently looked at our perception of existence and now I want to question; what enables the non-place to exist?I want to look for examples of identity in the non-place, to find the opposite of anonymity, to search for how we experience the space and evaluate to what extent this gives it an identity.  To understand and portray how we experience and affect this phenomena of supermodernity.     


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