Proposal in progress part 2……

I’ve made quite a lot of progress this week in a funny sort of way.  I have spent most of my time trying to refine my proposal.  But as always seems to be the case with these things, is the more you concentrate on a particular aspect, and start to formulate a deeper understanding, it throws up a multitude of other things to take into consideration which can just confuse you even more!! In a way, I suppose this shows that my research is working.  I have refined my proposal to the extent that I am looking at fewer aspects, but I am now looking at those aspects in more detail.  On the outset it looks like I haven’t made much progress, because my proposal is just as complicated as last week! But I have delved a lot deeper into my subject, and now I just have to keep on digging….I’ve been reading a book this week called ‘Visual Worlds’.  There is a chapter called ‘Los Angeles as visual world: Media, seeing and the city’ (Hall, J.R. ed., (2005) ‘Visual Worlds’  Routledge, New York.pg.139-49)The chapter explores how we orientate and represent ourselves within our environment.  The author, Daniel M. Hunt, addresses to what extent the urban space is an object of its’ participants knowledge.  Hunt proposes that Los Angeles is a ‘collective representation’ shaped and understood by the peoples experiences with it. these experiences can be ‘mediated’ in the sense that we continually encounter media content that can influence our perception, creating new experiences to absorb and for us to represent.  This lead me to think about how our perception of anonymity may be influenced by mediated experiences.  In what ways does society affect how we relate to the premise of anonymity? So, just the aims and objectives again, as follows……..  

Working Title(s):

Mediated Experiences and our Perception of Anonymity.       

Metaphors for anonymity in our visual reality.


Our experiences affect our perception and how represent and orientate ourselves within our visual environment. One of my aims is to investigate whether the media creates a non-discursive reality that can influence how we perceive ourselves within our environment.  I want to explore how mediated experiences can influence and even shape our understanding of reality.

For anonymity to exist does there need to be some form of reference point for it to be measured against?  With this in mind I am interested in the medias’ construction, implication and deconstruction of the concept of fame.  I want to question whether our perception of fame, which is predominantly a mediated experience, creates a reference point for which to base our perception of anonymity. Can anonymity only exist as a effect of our mediated experiences that we actively represent and determine to be real? 

I also want to investigate can anonymity exist within society acting as an independent entity removed from the processes that I have previously described. 

What level of autonomy does the individual possess over the formulation of their perceptions.

An exploration of the near possibility of disappearing, can we completely disappear?



My objective is to discover how anonymity is accentuated and perpetuated in modern society. With regards to this I will visit areas of London that embody the concept of fame, and look for imagery within the places that represent our media reality that actually or metaphorically personifies an anonymity.  By doing this I will be able to evaluate whether anonymity can exist within an antithetical environment. 

In juxtaposition to this, I intend to look for metaphors for anonymity in the spaces that are the most familiar to us, the places that make up our visual reality, for example, the park where we walk the dog, or the bus we get to work everyday.  I will investigate to what extent anonymity can subtly influence our experience of such situations.  

Can I create an indeterminate and indefinable space that is neither present or absent?

Ok, so I’ve attempted to look at the concept of anonymity in relation the the individual and the influence of ‘mediated’ experiences.  And acknowledged the possibility of looking for more subtle examples of anonymity and its’ affect on our perception.

I think I want to move away from the concept of fame, its’ a very large subject that has been mused over many times before and I feel there is a much more room for scope, research and intrigue within the concept of anonymity.   

Conversations with everyone over the past few days has made me think more about how this premise can actually relate to a physical reality.  Can a space embody this premise, or does the person dictate the space?  






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