Proposal in Progress…

I just want to document the title, aims and objectives for my proposal that I have written thus far.  After my tutorial with Andy my thoughts about the areas’ I am going to research have progressed slightly, so I feel that before I refine my proposal I think it would be good practice to document how it reads to date.

Working Title:

How Societal Constructs Affect the Individuals’ Perception of Reality?     


My aim is to explore how society affects’ the individual and influences our perception of reality. Continuing from a foundation that I established throughout my degree course I want to further my investigation into capitalist society, explore the construction and implication of the modern mass media and evaluate the consequences and implications of having to adapt to our constructed reality.  


I want to explore aspects of the modern mass media and how it as a construct affects our perception of reality.  I am interested in the construction, implication and deconstruction of the concept of fame. 

In conjunction to this I want to research the concept of anonymity. To investigate how the majority that make up the rest of society can more subtly influence our perception, and to what extent does the concept of fame redefine our perception of anonymity potentially perpetuating the individual into an a state of anomie. 

I am also interested how we escape from our perceived realties.  To what extent does society allow us to be more hedonistic and ego-driven so we spend more time away from our perceived realities to escape the struggle to satisfy basic needs and the stress that causes.  Finally I intend to establish the integral links between these concepts. 

As my research progresses I am becoming increasingly interested in the individuals’ perception of anonymity in society.  What do we reference our state of anonymity against and what can influence our perceptions of it?  I am starting to see subtle interventions in society that may subconsciously accentuate our perception of anonymity and I think that this is something I am interested in pursuing.  To find metaphors for anonymity in the factions of society that are made familiar too us.  To juxtapose this against the concept of fame.  Can anonymity exist? is it a contradiction of terms?

I’m not keen on the word ‘construct’, I want to move away from this word because I think it is too clinical.





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