Reflection Time..

I’ve been working on a piece recently.  It been experimenting with structuring overtly staged situations with unconventional mannerisms.  This work metaphorically focuses on the medias’ ability to deconstruct their progenies.  It may be the start of a non-linear narrative about the the medias’ construction, implementation and deconstruction of the concept of fame.   I feel that this particular work does not achieve the shift in perception that I am looking for.  I feel that I the narrative overwhelms the visual aesthetic so as the more subtle interventions go unnoticed.  I want to experiment more with non-figurative work that will concentrate more on visually shifting a perception rather than through a narrative, non-linear or otherwise.  By creating prototypes that are essentially the antithesis of what I have just created will hopefully reveal alternative ways for me to achieve my intentions. Eventually I may combine these concepts, but I’ll evaluate that further down the line.   I did have a few technical problems with the colour grading workflow (namely, getting it in the wrong order) but I have learnt from this an will approach it correctly next time. 


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