Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts….

This week I have been trying to gain a better understanding of my proposal, and try to formulate my initial opinions. I want to write this post as a way of getting all my thoughts out, so forgive me if I repeat myself! This is just my way of solidifying a thought….

I’ve been thinking this about my methodologies and process, and how does my practical work relate to the affect of artificial constructs on our perception of reality?  I want to look at artificial constructs and look at the ways it can affect our perception

We live in a human world, a man made world, a world that primarily exists because of our sophisticated level of consciousness.  We are a communal oriented species, and when we begin to combine our thoughts and ideas and communicate them to each we build an environment for ourselves.  This environment becomes society.  

The human race has redefined the actualities of what we need to do to survive.  It has redefined the essence of what it is to be alive. 

I’m interested in how society affects the individual.  How society has the ability to affect an individuals perception. 

Man made constructs have become our reality.  Our collective consciousness has constructed an environment for ourselves; from this we formulate our perception of reality.    

 Emotion is a feeling, it has no physical presence.  Although society has the potential to have a significant affect on our emotions, the essence of what we feel is real.    

 My practical work intends to emphasise the artificial, it intends to create a inquiry into the ways in which the structure of society affects us, to make us think about how these constructs are structured and how they affect our perception.

 Yet it also intends to explore the real, and to provoke questioning to what is real in our current world.  To examine to what extent we have been removed from our biologically normal natures, and what parts of us have remained the same.

Maybe the idea is to evoke a common sympathy or to accentuate a feeling as a way of connecting with what is real about that person.  The irony is that it would be achieved through an artificial process, the same process has redefined our perception of reality.

 To take real life as we know it and portray it in a way that evokes an emotion, yet it utilises the structure that initially removed us from our biological natures.       

To alter the individuals state, parodying how constructs in society can affect us.  To reach a state that is a real feeling, yet the foundation that acted as a vehicle for the formulation of that state originated from an artificial source.  

I’ve just thought of a diagram….I haven’t got any software on this computer to draw it with as such so I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.




It may seem a bit vague, but I’m just trying to look at the foundations to begin with, and elaborate on particular aspects further down the line. 




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