Starting Points For Investigation and Methodologies

My work intends to explore the idea of the human condition, with an emphasis on the relationship between the individual and society.

I feel I first need to reflect on recent work as this has formed the basis of my investigation.  The questions and new avenues of thought that my research has opened up to me is what I want to focus on as the subject matter for the upcoming period of exploration. 

My most current work has been a very broad study of fundamental aspects of modern society, and how the plethora of dichotomies that have materialised as a result on the onset of modernity can affect the individual.  

Most Recent Investigation:

 I have been investigating how society can affect the level of autonomy we possess over the choices we make that contribute to the formulation of our identity. 

 Life is a continuous series of choices.  Modern society presents us with perceptions’ of failure and success, and offers us a series of challenges in which to achieve our perception of success.  Our response to these challenges affects our perception of ourselves, and consequently, our well being.

 I made three films, collectively titled ‘The Basics Of Life’ that depicted three fundamental characteristics of society.  Firstly, the relationship between the individual and (capitalist) society, questioning the level of autonomy we possess over the choices we make in order to satisfy our basic needs.  The second film questioned the level of autonomy we possess over choices that shape our personal and interpersonal relationships.  The third film was intended to act as a reflection point and questioned the importance of balance.






This projects intention was to outline a foundation.  It was never meant to illustrate or define, more to act as a departure point for stimuli and questioning.  I now want to use a ‘triangle theory’ in order to focus intrinsically on select variables in order to obtain a deeper understanding of my subject matter.     

My Current Methodology:

My work has always been a reflection of my observations.  If you make an observation, then remove it from it own reality, it can potentially be viewed from an alternative perspective.  This alternative perspective could act as a catalyst for the formulation of a new perspective.  The new perspective can then be applied to reality, potentially affecting the way you perceive it.

The are flaws in this methodology, I feel that certain words I have used, like ‘reality’ require a more cautious definition.  I will look at this further in my next post.  


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